Membership Information

If you are interested in improving agricultural practices, protecting the environment and contributing our local economy in the Thunder Bay District, we invite you to become a member of the Thunder Bay Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

Membership is collected annually at the Thunder Bay Spring Farm Conference in early April or online at

Benefits to membership are many:

  • farm demonstrations
  • agricultural conferences and shows
  • the Northwest Link Newsletter that highlights agriculture in Northwestern Ontario
  • workshops, tours and annual meetings
  • new ideas, answering questions, increasing confidence in project results and accessing supporting funds
  • local and regional projects
  • available grant dollars for on-farm demonstrations and trials
  • Yield and Forage Masters Competitions
  • farm project demonstrations
  • trial information for soil and crop management across Ontario

Influence and direct agricultural policy and research:

  • OSCIA has producer representation on 10 Ontario Research Committees addressing crop, soil and pest management issues.

The Association is a member of 8 Standing Committees including:


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